July 21st, 2010

Jay Cock!

Vote yes on proposition infinity

Not done much since last post. Mostly still prone to mood swings.

I couldn't sleep Monday night. I was up till 5. I was tired but I just... couldn't sleep. And, since I was too pissy, I didn't want to be talking to people so I just watched Dave and then Most Haunted.

I can't find distilled water anywhere. Anyone know where it'd be? Stupid triops needing fancy water. The shrimps, however are much simpler. They just needed spring water, which we had in the fridge, so the eggs went in yesterday. They should be hatching soon.

Been to the opticians. It went ok. My on eye's changed just a little and I'm getting new glasses. Mum's got some sort of anomally in hers. Odd.

Why is it opticians ALWAYS have fish?

Mum's roped me in to help out at her work tomorrow. This is bad because she works at a playgroup so it's with children. Little, evil children. I must be insane.

Got Kerrang today. I only got one copy I took an extra poster from another issue. Magazine wise it's ok. The 3 Seconds interview's fairly amusing and I've learned that bats are the mammal most inclined to homosexuality. Interesting. Poster wise however, it's awesome. I've wanted a Welsh poster special for ages! Sadly it's missing Funeral For A Friend (what's up with that?) but it's good otherwise (well the three I care about are). First there's The Blackout which has Sean making a face while the rest look normal (Kerrang, are you ever gonna do a poster of them that's bigger then A4?), then there's Bullet which is the first poster to have Jay with his hawk, although moose and Padge have those damn hats on again, and lastly there's Lostprophets and Ian looks nom and Luke looks a bit stoned.

That's pretty much it. I'm gonna go through twitter and tumblr now, then fic and later go on Pokemon.

Lastly two pics.

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