July 19th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Karenai de ichirin no hana

So it's been a few days since my last proper post. I'm not sure why.

My Family was good on Friday.

Good on Argentina for voting for gay marriage. Yay!

Saturday we went to the garden center. They had such adorable little turtles! They were so lovely and cute! I was annoyed though to find out that they used to have axolotls but they weren't getting them anymore. Bah.

We also watched the Toy Story films in preparation for seeing 3 at some point. Ohhh the clawwwww.

Yesterday I watched Finding Nemo on tv. Just keep swimming just keep swimming.

I let ickle Nahdar go so he's somewhere in the green house. I hope he's ok. Also ended up saving a drowning wasp.

I ended up in a bad mood and dunno why. Ugh.

At least Jared and Kylie were on last night on Alan Carr so I watched it. Jared couldn't stop saying the word cunt and Kylie had a nice black dress (and is working on a musical which should be interesting).

Finished Infinite Space. The end was kinda... vague. Like the second you beat the last boss the game ended. So you've got no idea what happened to the other people around or anything (I really hope that Lord Roth survived cause he was hot). The bit before the end was kinda depressing really. Then I went on the second mode thing and that was pretty good. I got through it in just 2 days though. Still it's a great game.

The levels on Mario now are annoying. Ugh.

Not done much today so far.

There was a 'ladies stimulator' on Bargin Hunt, which was strange.

Mum's booked me an appointment for the opticians on Wednesday.

I got a thing from the charity shop round the corner. It's a triops and shrimp thing and it was only £1.50. I have it set up now, I just need to wait for the shrimp's water to warm up before adding it (then add the salt) and then I have to go and find distilled water for the triop half.

Not much planned for today. Gonna try and find the remote and hope to fic later (since the lst one was an unexpected quick one for aerogroupie's birthday).

Three pics now.

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