July 15th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Do you even know why?

This morning I felt like I was going to punch the world in the face.

I've been so angry and frustrated with the world, which wasn't helped by one of my dvds fucking up last night and the printer acting like a dick this morning. Ugh.

It also wasn't helped by realising I forgot my wallet as soon as I sat on the bus.

The thing JC put me on has turned out better then the other one. I was only there for half an hour and don't have to go back for two weeks.

When I returned to Cannock I got a few things. I got a cuddly sheep, flamingo and Fire Emblem. Need to go on that later. Also got sangria which I'll drink this weekend.

I finished the Bleach game today (well I've not bought all the stuff on it but I finished the game so... yay!) It was basically the second and third series in game form. It was pretty good once I worked it out.

Gonna switch back to Infinite Space when I next go on my DS and then Pokemon. I really hope to get those done soon.

Yesterday was... eh. I basically spent the whole day clamed up and inside myself. The internment went blissfully without a fight. I put some dirt in, which I'm sure I didn't do for grandad. It ffeels so strange saying that, knowing that my family's now one.

Yes I have an uncle and cousins but they don't count. Let's face it, once the dust has settled I'll never see them again unless someone dies.

Afterwards we went and had something to eat, which was nice I guess. I spent the whole time quiet apart from the occasional 'yes'.

Penguins are love. I wanna go to Philips Island to see them.

Finally saw a Toy Story 3 ad on tv today. Yay! Dunno when or where we're seeing it yet (we do need to watch the first two films beforehand).

I guess that's all I gotta say really. I dunno.
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