July 13th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Check your records again

I've not done much since the last post. I've made a list of things to do and I'm (slowly) going through them. Expect a Star Wars reference post later this week.

I finished and posted a fic today, read if you want. It's the first thing I've done in awhile and it's really just random porn.

I fucking fail and non-creative stuff though.

The new Nintendo mag is here and it has stuff about the new Zelda game and Dragon Quest, both awesome looking.

Last night my body decided to crap out on me. At 7 I was asleep and was until half 1. Why the fuck did you do that body? Huh? Mum thinks it's causa the emotion/stress. Maybe. It meant I missed The Life And Times of Tim, which sucks.

The internment's tomorrow. Which should be... I dunno.

Thursday's stupid pertemps which is bullshit and I've gotta moan at them to sort me on the other course, but I might be too emotionally drained to. Either that or I'll end up being too angry since my emotions are pretty fucking extreme now. Mostly in the negative areas.

I think it's good no one's around cept mum.

Danny's had a sore on his tail, so the bobble of it is gone so we can keep an eye on it. We even had a plaster on it the other day.

The new Young Guns album is pretty awesome.

I only have three albums I'm excited about left this year.

Random meme, just cause.

Post, in your journal, a rec list singling out the best of your own fics. Tell people why you are especially proud of those particular fics, and of course provide links to them.

Yes, that's right, this step involves self-promotion. How else are people supposed to find your fics? List as many or as few as you feel appropriate to represent your body of writing.

Also include a paragraph about the types of fics you most enjoy reading or are most interested in reading in the immediate future -- favorite tropes, pairings, fandoms, whatever. If you're particularly lazy, link to that Dear Writer post you did for whatever holiday exchange comes to mind.

Reply to other rec posts (like for example the one you are reading now) by reccing a fic of your own that might fit the original poster's tastes, or that you'd just really like them to read, because maybe they don't know they'd like it.

These are only the first ones that spring to find. These others that I'm proud of too (and get sad that they don't get appreciated) but I've not put all of them here.

Segments [Bullet For My Valentine/Apocalyptica]
This is the fic I did based on Human Centipede. When I first heard of the film I knew I'd likely fic it, but after watching it it got pushed back (mostly cause it was slightly disappointing and the girls were annoying as fuck). Another thing was deciding on the people. I was originaally gonna have random band boys, but settled on the whole of Bullet. Once I got the idea in my head of Eicca as the doctor guy the rest just came naturally. I just think it turned out well and managed to be creepy, like the film although better.

Blade You Stain [Various]
This was my first killer fic and I was honestly surprised by how many people liked it. Originally it was concieved as a standalone, but ended up becoming more then that. Although I, personally, don't think it's as good as more recent killer fics it'll always have a place in my heart. Or the thing I have where my heart should be.

Happy Anniversary [The Blackout/Lostprophets/Bullet For My Valentine]
I once said that doing a collab fic would be hard. For the most part, they are. Hence this is one of only two I've done. This was done with saur and I can't rememebe too much about how it came about. I think it turned out pretty good. It's the only fic that I've done with pedophilia so consider yourself warned for that.

It's Not the End of The World [The Used/My Chemical Romance]
The concept for this came about not long after Bob's departure from the band. I wasn't going to write it right away, but after awhile with no official reason for him leaving, I ended up doing this. The first part is basically about my own anger and frustration at not knowing exactly what the fuck happened (which lead me to believe it wasn't by Bob's choice) while the rest is kinda healing for Bob. The title's obviously from the Lostprophets song (I even considered putting the subtitle in but decided not to).

The Well Of Three Features [The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time]
I got inspired by this after reading an article on a Zelda website on the Sheikah. It was basically about how it seems that they did the 'dirty work' and how places like the Shadow Temple and the well in the fic were esentially places where people were imprisoned, executed and had their bodies dumped. This inspired me to come up with Sheik, crazed by what he had seen, deciding to execute Link for what happened in the games (which in the end were as much Link and Zelda's fault as Ganon's). This was the eventual result.

I Know [My Chemical Romance]
There was a time I said that I'd never do femmeslash or het. Then I did this, which was my first femmeslash. I always get a little nervous doing stuff that involves girl parts since I lack them. I go, generally, by what I've read from other people and use that as a basis. So yeah, that's why this one is here. The first one I did and it went well so I try and do some semi-regularly.

Need [Bullet For My Valentine/The Blackout]
This came into my head randomly really. I had this image of Jay as an amputee and thought how hot it was. Originally I was gonna have it forced on him, then it was gonna be something he wanted, before it finally became this. I think it worked out pretty well and I liked how it turned out so...

On The Other Side [My Chemical Romance/The Umbrella Academy]
Since first reading Umbrella Academy I wanted to fic something based on it. I never did until mid-way through the second series. This was the third Umbrella Academy fic I'd done and the whole idea behind it is pretty sad (Seance finding and losing love). I think I captured the whole Umbrella Academy universe pretty well.

Fascination [Panic! At The Disco/tentacles]
This is the first tentacle fic I did (and, oddly only the first of two). Tentacles have always fasinated me and I wish there was more tentacle fic out there. This was my attempt at it and it seemed people liked it so...

The Last Fight [Bullet For My Valentine]
Based on the recent photoshoot, this was originally done because of how hot I thought it was. It also helped that it was a vehicle in which I had an excuse to cause Matt some pain.

You Look So Beautiful Tonight [The Used]
This was a rather angsty idea. I can't recall where exactly it came from. The basis is that it's about a man that is too faily socially to ask anyone out, so goes on 'dates' with corpses (this idea was replicated in another fic, which I can't recall right now). While it was twisted I felt the sadness overode it.

How To Become A Support Act [The Used/Madina Lake]
This is the last fic I'll include. I knew I had to include a scat fic so this is that fic. It's basically how Madina got to support The Used (ie through kinky shit). I really liked it and ended up doing a sequel as well, with the rest of The Used included.

What I'd read
First off, Bullet For My Valentine porn. Especially with Jay. Or Welsh porn in general. You have me at that. Kink is always good and I always love scat (which yes, no one writes cause... fuck knows). And tentacle fic.
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