July 10th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Why do you persist?

A bullet point post, just cause.

*I hate this heat, it's annoying and making me tired
*Mikeysaur has gone. Bah
*We managed to finish Bleach season 3 though. At least it didn't end in a cliffhanger
*We also watched some more Clone Wars. Zombie Geonosians are awesome and clone flame troopers are badass
*We also finished Lego Indy 2
*Nan's being interred on Wednesday
*I might write something tomorrow
*Job Center is annoyingly fucking arsey. Their stupidity makes me angry
*Nahdar seems to be doing ok. I put some leaves in with him and a little stone for him to sit on
*Not done much of anything else
*Gotta find the remote for upstairs. It's annoying me it's gone.
*Shockingly, mum actually said she liked my newest Bullet tee (the one where they're all skulls).
*Must go back on DS soon

Now a handfful of pictures.

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