July 6th, 2010

ROTS Jedi Temple Burned

We're all caterpillars

Well, today was the funeral.

It was stange, even now it doesn't feel quite... real. I typed up something for the vicar guy to say on behalf Sunday and when we got there he asked if I wanted to say it instead. So yeah, I got up and said it in front of everyone again, this time focussing on the words instead of the faces.

We left the other half of the family to it, going our seperate ways. That was good. My one cousin was such a bitch. She let mum past and then git in the way so I couldn't sit by her. Ugh.

The vicar said something nice about us being caterpillars and that we don't die, we just go to a better place (like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly). I don't believe in god or religion, but I do believe there's a better place after this one.

Yesterday nan was across the road so I went to see her. I figured seeing her body might bring some sort of closure. It just shocked me a bit and... I dunno.

The lady across the road has been so nice through it all, so friendly and listeny and all that. We're gonna get her a thank you card and send it over at some point.

Thanks Mikeysaur for being here, I really appreciate it.

Thanks everyone that's said stuff, even if it's small. Thanks.

Other things, which I'll bullet point:
*I went out a few days back cause I needed to be out the house. I saw a load of ickle frogs/toads so I picked one up and now it's my ickle friend. We've named him Nahdar and I'll try and get pics soon.
*We started watching the second season of the Clone Wars. it's pretty awesome. Cad Bane's so clever.
*The night we watched the Clone Wars a perdy moth came in and be'd all pretty like.
*We're back on Lego Indy 2 cause it makes me smile
*Watched the last Futurama episode. it was awesome funny
*Tonight, more Clone Wars and Bleach. Tomorrow, canal and... I dunno

I should be online again properly on Saturday to pester you all
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