July 2nd, 2010

Jay Cock!

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Thinking isn't too good for me, I've been keeping myself distracted most of the time or slept. I dunno.

I'm gonna ramble about other things.

Yesterday we went to Cannock to do some shopping. That's about it. I got Kerrang and Rock Sound. And a cheap Bleach DS game.

Speaking of Bleach we started series 3 the other night. We've only watched one disc though so far.

Matthew Leone got attaked a few nights ago, just for defending a woman. He's been in hospital and it was touch and go, but he's awake and talking now thankfully.

Might be getting a kitty soon. I dunno when though.

I've gotta look through my friends list at some point. Perhaps later tonight.

I've gotta think on some words to send in to the vicar guy. I don't think I could speak, not with my mind reaching desperately for other places. I'm probably not making any sense.

I can't registered any other thoughts in my head. There's probably something.
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