June 22nd, 2010

Jay Cock!

Diamonds will make everything better!

Not done much since the last post, cause I'm boring like that.

I've been basically playing games a lot and not so much else. I've alternated between three, Pokemon, Mario and Infinite Space. The first one I've been on least. I've basically just done the daily stuff. Mario I've been on often. I've done the main game and now it's jsut collecting other stuff and unlocking levels. The last one I've probably been on most. I got it awhile back but hadn't gone on it for some reason, so after seeing a thing about it in the Nintendo mag I went on it.

It's basically a space game, with a load of pretty guys and and odd incest vibe. Oh and there's crossdressing. And spaceships. And it's cool. Sure it was tricky at the start, but now I've got the hang of it... it's good. It feels like it coulda been a Wii game (I wouldn't be surprised if a sequel turned up on it).

Tuck annoyance has reached another high, so I've ended up sending Kerrang an e-mail about it. Know something else that annoys me? How so many interviewers ask about his kid. Good for you, you've somehow managed to spawn, (although sure it's almost as much as a miracle as Gerard having spawned) but the others have kids too and they NEVER got asked about them once. Yet Matt ahs one and it becomes the only thing they ask about? What is the fucking deal seriously?


Lasst night we got a call from the home about nan. Apparently she's got a chest infection that they figured was bad enough to call for the doctor at 10 at night. So yea. They called back at, like 2 saying the doctor had come and given her some stuff. So hopefully she'll be ok.

Watched two films on tv last night. First was The Sixth Sense, which was pretty good. Then there was The Astronaut's Wife which was... well it wasn't that great. Or that good. Bah.

Also had Domino's tonight. Nom!

Can't think of anything else to say, although I'm sure there's something. I'm going off now to watch the rest of Vampire Diaries (read as perv on Damon) and finish a random fic for anon_lovefest.
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