June 18th, 2010

Jay Cock!

It's the Daleks, they're so cross!

I feel a lot better today. it's msotly gone now though my voice is still quiet.

Today I went to Cannock, which was mostly pointless. I got Dead Silence from Asda though (as part of a 3 dvd set with Shrooms and Wind Chill) and new folders for minis cards. I need stickers to decorate them though. Smiths fails for not having the Clone Wars comic in. I want it cause it has Kit!

Went on Mario today. Mum seemed interested and was cheering me on, which made me happy. then it made me sad. Bah.

Went on Pokemon too. Everyone's at 37 now. Going through the Ice Cave soon.

Father's day and Football can fuck off now.

I want tomorrow. I saw a preview clip of Who and preview pics and it looks so so so insanely awesome and made of win. The clip's obviously win cause it's just before the armada appears so there's a list of races ships listed.

And now a picspam, just cause (not of Who though).

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Heading off now to squee and fic.
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