June 17th, 2010

OOT Sheik Triforce

Monsters are created by other monsters

I hate firefox. It was working perfectly fine and now it's all slow. I don't get why it's become so painfully slow or how to get it faster again. It's especially annoying since I mostly use facebook for games and it hates loading them.

E3 stuff now. As predicted there was both a trailer for Zelda and Lego Clone Wars, both of which look awesome.

There's also an announcement that Ocarina Of Time's being remade for the 3DS, which means I want want want it. If you've not played Ocarina then... well you just should. It's one of the best games ever.

Yesterday I ended up looking after a bird for a bird. It was a young crow (I think) and it was a bit of fail. First it fell out of a tree and later it flew right into a fence. Poor thing. We had it outside in a little cage until we heard a fellow crow answer it's calls. Cause I figured it was it's mum (or dad) I figured that it might be best off with them.

Of course it demonstrate more fail by flying into a fence again and landing in amonst busheds before I found it again and put it on top of the shed. I watched it for awhile before he went out of sight. I jsut hope he didn't fall and end up in the nettles next door.

Watched Desperate Housewives last night. No John this week as it was all about the cute stranger guy. I just feel sorry for him. Poor kid with an bitch of a mum.

I played a load of Pokemon yesterday. I'm now partway through the radio tower. It was amusing talking to people dressed as a rocket. Most had comments which I think is pretty cool. Chinchou's eviolved and is now almost level with the others. Woo.

Kerrang yesterday was pretty good. they had a picture of Jay being cute. I hate how all of the posters of 00 heroes were American though. They should do one with British bands. I hope there's not a poster of just Matt again in the Download special next week (let's face it, there will be a Bullet one, we've just gotta hope it's not Matt).

In terms of sickness is now pretty much just in my throat. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. It's annying as fuck though.

Got the Nintendo magazine in the post today. I'm glad that Cato Nemoidia and Kamino are two places you can visit in The Force Unleashed 2. Also the sequel to the SNES was going to be called the Playstation. Yeah, Nintendo was working with Sony to create it. (Alas Nintendo changed their minds and we ended up with the two seperate consoles).

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I dunno what I'm gonna do now. Was gonna watch the other Vampire Diaries ep I missed but I don't trust Firefox being slow. May go on mario or Pokemon instead.
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