June 14th, 2010

Jay Cock!

These things I believe

A random post, about things I believe.

*Anyone that hijacks a religion to spout hate and intolerence (be it to women, gays or people of other religions) are assholes and miss the point of their religion. And, if their respective diety exists, they'll likely go to there respective hell.
*There is an afterlife. Not the typical clouds and angels shit. To me the afterlife is personal and varies from person to person.
*I also believe in ghosts
*There's life on other planets. Not just that, but there's life right here, in this solar system. Mars, titan, Europa... all candidates. And those people that say 'well we've been to Mars and found nothing' are idiots. You can't judge a whole planet just by looking at a few tiny areas.
*I believe aliens have visted us. I think that, for the most part, they are curious about us. I don't think they'll make contact until we as a race have gained some common sense.
*I believe in science.
*Homophobia pisses me off, even more so when it's made in the name of a religion. It also pisses me off when black people are homophobic too. Considering their history they shouldn't be wishing persecution on anyone.
*I believe there may be a higher power, but anyone is insanely arrogant to believe we were made in that power's image. I also think it's arrogant to believe such a thing would care about us when it would have 'made' the entire universe which is so big it's beyond our perception.

I can't think of anything else. I'm lame like that.

I felt worse yesterday, but a little better today. It's now in my throat though and I've lost my voice.

JC was ok but pointless as ever.

One fic was done and posted, hope to do another tonight.

Mum agrees with me that the Doctor ep was good. Yay!

Glee times soon!
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