June 12th, 2010

11 Bow ties are cool

Now you're in both hemisphere's at once

Not done much since the other post. I've been to the dentist, which was alright cause it was just sticking a cap on.

I was getting better, but I seem to be sick again. Bah.

Other thing I forgot from the last post. There's a new series of Torchwood annouced. Not sure how I feel about it. It could be an absolute disaster. It could be good. I dunno. I hope it won''t be shit although I dunno.

I am so annoyed at Download. Mostly because everything Bullet related has been Matt Matt fucking Matt. There are four members, how come they can't seem to find anyone else but Matt. AGH! It's irritating me to the max. UGH!

I had a dream the other day I was at Download with mum.... odd.

Failfox has been annoying. Ugh.

There's a trailer for Force Unleashed which is awesome! I hate that the X-box is getting a cool set.

Mario came yesterday, so I had a go on it today. I want a Luma!

I have two fics open and i'm working on. I hope to finish both this weekend. I think one'll be done later.

I just finished watching Doctor Who. I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. I think it might be my fav or the series so far. I do hate there was no explanation for that TARDIS thing or who built it though. However it was funny and I loved the Doctor's thing in his room.

Of course there's also the OMG TOPLESS WET DOCTOR! Yes. Hot. Guh! And he looked got in a football kit.

I want caps now!

I'm loving this week's confidential too. Space!

Next week's Who looks awesome! There's a huge battlefleet of ships (although if it's there cause of the Pandorica or to stop the Pandorica it's unknown), Daleks, Cybermen, SOntarans and more (although only a cyberman's seen). Sure, River's back, but it still looks good. Want!
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