June 10th, 2010

Jay Cock!

It's been longer then you think

So it's been awhile since the last post, between which I ficced and had to add a new archive post (damn LJ and it's insane word count thingy).

Since it's been a few days, expect this post to be a little disjointed.

On Pokemon I've not done much. I beat Jasmine and... well that's about it.

Due to feeling ill I've had a lot of early nights. Damn my tummy. It's also been in my head, making me dizzy and woozy. To the point when, on Monday I almost fell through the front room window. Thusly I cancelled Tuesday's dentist appointment, not trusting myself enough to go. I feel better now then I did though.

I honestly can't think of anything that happened on Tuesday. I do remember not seeing Vampire Diaries, cause I still ain't watched the other one. Fail is me. I also do remember going on Guitar Hero and failing miserably though.

Yesterday certainly had more going on.

Lego turned up, so that satisfied some of the build lust I had built up since getting those minifigs. I had two sets, the Ostrich race from Prince Of Persia (nom topless Dastan and the oastrichs are so cute!). The other one was the Seperatist Shuttle which I wanted since first hearing about it. It looks so cool! It's a little smaller then it was, but the opening of the back door's cool (and took up most of the build) and I love the figs of Nute and Onaconda. I'll do pics in a later poster.

I also finally watched Pandorum. Probably a mistake to watch something while building, but I blame the delivery man for bringing it just before I pressed play. The film was pretty good, though I think I do need to watch it again at some point.

Watched the start of Big Brother... and I think that's all of it I'll watch. Couldn't they have put in the Sean twins? And Big Brother's eye moving kept making me think of Atraxi.

Then there was Desperate Housewives. Sadly John wasn't in this much this week though he was belatantly looking at porn on his laptop. And we are rid of that annoying Russian gold digger for good! Yay! Although it makes me sad the gays broke up. Get them back together now yes?

Today we went to Walsall for mum's physio appointment. I figured I was well enough to go (although I did end up feeling dizzy and hot in dumb M and S). I got a few things. A cheap Star Wars grpahic novel (in which Leia seems to have taken fashion tips from her mother), a Clone Trooper bobble head and some dvds from Blockbuster. I got three Star Trek dvds, Cowboy Bebop, A Scanner Darkly, The Naked Gun and a Kerrang dvd.

Also got Kerrang from Tesco, which was an exclusive and had a sharpie pen and postcards. It's not terribly brilliant I don't think, although it does have a new Bullet pic. And an interview which is, of course Matt. All music magazines everywhere: Bullet For My Valentine is a band, stop fucking interviewing just Matt on his own. It is annoying and irritating not just because Jay's my fav, but it's just... ugh. You shouldn't have to get a a magazine that is a band members specific instrument (ie Moose in that drummer magazine) just to be sure of an interview that isn't dominanted or solely Matt. Ugh.

There was also a new pic of 30 Seconds and... Tomo what the hell? You look like more of a hobo then Bert Mccracken has ever looked EVER.

I did see some Toy Story 3 toys, which made me squee a bit cause there was a Buttercup! I so wanna get him!

When I got back I went upstairs and crashed. Although it turned out that one of the bags was missing (which is totally mum's fault since she was the one carrying it most of the day, though of course she tried to blame me). Ugh.

Other things worthy of note:
*Got dentist tomorrow. Ugh. I hope it goes ok
*I wish I was going to Download. Damn Bullet signing. Sadly I wouldn't trust myself to go causa stomach. They better do signings later this year.
*I downloaded Lady Gaga's album. CURSE YOU WELSHIES AND GLEE! I wish I could work out which the one was that Jay aid he likes
*Jay saying cocksucker is hot
*I'm gonna try write something tomorrow though I dunno what. Maybe another 50kinkyways one cause I've not done one in awhile.
*Does anyone have Athlete's albums? Especially Tourist
*The deck chair's out of my room, replaced by a proper table. Woo!

I'm going now. Gotta go through loads of twitters and facebook games and shit, because I'm pointless like that. Also gotta watch a load of vids people have posted, though that won't be for a bit. I've probably missed out something, but that's causa sickness making me dumb.
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