June 6th, 2010

Jay/Padge Pimping

Independant contractors

Ugh, I feel lousy today. My stomach feels like it's doing flips and I dunno why. Ugh.

Not gonna do much today. I am gonna attempt to finish the fic I started though. It should be done tonigt hopefully, unless my tummy gets worse. I also will go on mon and might go to battle Chuck.

And that fic-related note brings me to the main reason for the post. Bar birthdays I won't be doing any fic for specific people unless something (preferably fic) is done in return. A large part of this is due to my general frustration that there's very little fic out there in the fandoms I want to read. Seriously, where's all the fic for Bullet? Lostprophets? Madina Lake? Hell, even The Blackout and The Used?

So I guess it's like a challenge really, for people to do something and then they'd get fic for it.

I wish I could say I'm optimistic that this'll work, but I'm not.
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Eicca Topless

Number Three

Number Three
Pairing: Eicca Toppinen/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Eicca
Warnings: BDSM, cbt, sounding, slavery
Notes: Sequel to Selection Process. I blame that 50 pic thing for this, cause it made me realise I hadn't done Eicca fic in awhile. I may do more sequels with the other boys and do a direct one with Jay too.
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