June 3rd, 2010

11 Bow ties are cool

A net gain for our fair city!

Many random rambles ahead. Behold!

The aerial sorted itself out oddly. Puzzling this mystery is.

I finally got struck by inspiration and wrote/posted fic. Go read!


Kerrang yesterday was ok. There was a bit of amusement with Sean and Gavin (the random Welshies). The bits about Slipknot made me sad though. I guess seeing the pics from the press conference triggered it.

I saved a moth last night that was a bit dumb. Entering the shower and getting wet.

Pokemon's going good. Got Morty's badge. Why've I never trained a Togetic before? It's so strong.

Went to see nan yesterday. She was alright. We spent awhile with her. Gotta take something for her to watch next time.

I'm sure I had something to ramble about but... ah well.

The Blu-ray player came today, so we're gonna start going through the blu ray's that came with it. I say that despite us starting with Alice which came today seperate.

I went with mum to physio today. There was a hot guy in the waiting room on his DS so I was just... kinda staring. Just a bit.

When we went round the town I got 2 cheap dvds and a few packs of comics from The Works (4 Star Wars comics ftw! Despite being random). We had Mcdonalds (nom!) and then went to see a film.

We saw Prince of Persia. The trailers beforehand were odd. First was the new Twishit film, which looked both terrible and a rip of Underworld. Insult! Then was Predators which looked ok, same with The A-Team. Last was Shrek 4, which looked pretty good.

As for the film, I liked it. It was great (I'd probably get the dvd) and Dastan's hot. I've never thought Jake G (I can't spell his last name) was hot until now. Guh.

We won't be going to that cinema cause it's too much to get there. We'll have to see anything else at Cannock or Birmingham.

On the way back home we had a long wait for the next bus, so we went to Blockbuster. I wish I'd gone early cause the shop's closing done and loads of dvds were £1! I only had time to look through about a quarter of them (I hope there's still some next week) but I did get 8.

A random fact about me. I hoard Stargate dvds. Seriously. Whenever I see one for a quid I buy it. I've got about 10 on the shelves now but the thing is... I've not watched a single one.

Picture times now!

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Edit to add: The Young Veins streamed their album on Myspace. Ugh. Awfulness.
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