May 31st, 2010

Jay Cock!

Ah, nature

Not gonna say anything about yesterday, apart from tv wise.

Lewis was amusing in that it had incest. How come if twins are seperated and don't know they're related that, if they meet later, they end up doing it? Hmm. After that watched Family Guy. The second one was better, with Consuela, cause she's amusing.

Then we had Desperate Housewives on, for the sole purpose of seeing John Barrowman in it. Ngh. He's hot in it. I want the next one now.

Today we've been down the canal, which was nice causa all the animals. First we saw moorhens with one baby one (on the way back we saw they had another which must've been hiding in the reeds), then we saw two ducklings sitting on a log being all cute. Then there was a load of ducklings and I sat by the water and got so close I was about an arms length away from them! They were so cute too! 7 little fuzzballs all so close! They were so cute, I was we'd had a camera.

On the way back I spotted a caterpillar crossing the path. It was black and orange... and huge! It was at least as long as my finger! I picked it up and put it on the grass so it wouldn't get stepped on, but it didn't wanna leave my hand!

So, yay for animals!

Because of the poll I've got both Selection Process and The Last Fight open in case I get ideas.

Gonna go on Pokemon soon after messing with the tv. (Because it seems something may have pecked at the aerial cable or something)

Pictures from Pokemon now.

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