May 29th, 2010

Pokemon Ash Team Rocket

Go, pokeball!

After ending up deciding not to go today last night I ended up going after all. Mostly this was causa mum and her inability to keep her trap shut, so I was with my cousin. Ugh.

In some ways it was pointless. The senior registration was already full when we got there. in fact it was full an hour before it was supposed to have started so there was a lot of unhappy people.

There was a few pluses though. I got the shiny Eevees, but they're level 50 so I won't be using them. There was a demo of the Pokemon card game, so I had a go. Just for participating I got a shiny promo card of an Arcanine. I may look for a legue near at some point, though I can't seem to find anything in a quick search.

I ended up getting a Pokemon poster too, though it was Mime JR not a cool one. Ah well.

So it was ok. Not fantastic, but it was amusing. And I got a pic with a big Pika. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Gonna go back on Gold soon, while Eurovision's on.

Just watched Who.

My main thoughts on this were no and :(. First there's that Ambrose woman being a fucking idiot a killing the Silurian on the surface. Gah I wanted to slap her. Then there was the Silurian woman underground who was a bitch, killing the scientist and generally being all 'execute them!'. And, of course, her killing Rory. That sucked so much. Rory was awesome and funny and he just died (true he was trying to save the Doctor but still...) and worse, Amy's forgotten all about him because of that fucking crack. Evil crack. (Although is it really worse for her? What's worse, knowing your fiance's dead or forgetting him completely?) Interesting he piulled out a bit of the TARDIS from the crack (or what looks like a bit). And, was it just me, or was the crack... reaching out for Rory? As if on purpose.

I hope that, in series 6, there'll be a sequel of sorts where the Silurians wake up and unite with humanity. I hope so.

Next week's looks pretty good though. I don't know much about it, apart from the obvious (that Vincent's in it).

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Off now, to watch Eurovision, go on Pokemon and... whatever it is I do.

I won't be on tomorrow. Don't try and contact.
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