May 27th, 2010

Jay Flames, Jay Getting a BJ

Dance in the flames

Not done much yesterday, hence no post.

I got Kerrang and Rock Sound though. The former's eh, but Rock Sound's pretty good. That may be due to Jay looking like he's getting head. It's also to do with the amusing Madina interview. Yes wanking dogs is mentioned, but the most amusing bit is they get asked if they're giver's or receivers. They all say givers, then Matthew adds 'Although if it's butt sex we're talking about I'd probably rather receive it!' Ahhh matthew.

Madina related, they pulled out of a tour in America due to medical reasons and it's cause they thought Mateo had something that might have been fatal. They run four tests and now know he doesn't, so that's good.

We watched the Sherlock Holmes film (the Ianto one) and it was ok. Not fantastic. I think it tried to fit too much in the time.

Apart from getting the magazines I finally went back on Animal Crossing (Pudge=awesome!) so I might go back on in a bit. Also went on Pokemon and did a load of training. Finally got the spiky eared Pichu too and it's so cute when you get him! Awww.

The last thing about yesterday was Desperate Housewives. While the episode was fairly amusing, it's next weeks I want. I want evil!John Barrowman now. I'm gonna watch the ep on Sunday instead of Wednesday cause I'm impatient and needy.

Now onto today. There's quite a few good things happened so far. First, I got Bullet tickets! WOO! I can't wait! Second the postman came with Adam Lambert's album and Heartgold, so now I've got a working Pokewalker. I'm gonna start gold tomorrow so it's ready for Saturday. Alos there's new Who figures announced. Want the Daleks.

Had dentist and the normal guy wasn't there, so I had a lady one in stead. She's better then him I think. I have to go in two weeks (bah) to get it all finished. Sigh. I thought this was the last one.

There's a guy coming in a few hours to sort us out with a new aerial, since the old main one has been shit since they messed about with the house.

I hate that mum can't keep her mouth shut so it looks like I'll be going with my dumbass cousin Saturday. Ugh. I just want to go somewhere alone for once that's not Cannock, is that too much to ask? Bah.

Gonna fic tonight and hope to finish it then. Just need a little more inspiration in my head and then I'll get to it.
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