May 25th, 2010

Jay Cock!

But it's supposed to be freezing!

Today's international day of the Jedi/geek day, so I've been doing some geeky stuff. Namely being on Pokemon, watching Blue Harvest and now watching Empire Strikes Back (one of, if not the, best film of all time).

So, cause I'm geeky, here's some random Star Wars trivia.
*Han boasts that the Falcon can outrun the 'big corellian ships' yet none of the major galactic navies (Imperial, Republic or Seperatists) use Corellian ships as major capital ships. In fact the largest Corellian ships seen in the films are mere freighters. The only exceptions are Corellian Corvettes (Tantive IV, Leia's ship at the start of A New Hope) and the Radient VII (the Jedi's ship at the start of EPisode I) but neither are big.

*At the same time Han boasts about making the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs. A parsec is a unit of distance not time, so the boast is because the region along the run is filled with black holes, which is what makes it impressive. (The run is usually done in 18 parsecs.)

*The main language in the Star Wars universe is basic, it's written form is aurebesh.

*Space slugs are called exogorths and are rarely the size seen in Episode V.

*TIE fighters are so called because they have twin ion engines. Their wings are solar panels.

*R2-D2 is the only character to go through all of the films virtually unchanged.

*R2-D2 and C-3PO are the only characters that appear in all films and survive.

*None of the original films feature civilised planets.

*Leia's rank is never mentioned in the films. Nor is it clear in the books.

*'I have a bad feeling about this' is said in every film. It's also said in Clone Wars episodes, games and books.

I could probably add more, but I think that's enough for now. Off now to finish watching this and go on Pokemon (probably not Vampire Diaries since I'd miss the start likely). May fic if I'm inspired.
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