May 24th, 2010

Jay Cock!

There's a thin line bettween the dark side and the light side

I got woke up this morning by mum panicing. Tired, I came down to find what was up. The answer? My Pokewalker had been in my clothes in the washing machine and had been killed. Yep, it's dead. It refuses to work, even after being dried and having a new battery put in.


Mum's insisted on getting a new one, even though I was a bit... unsure. About half an hour ago she was so insistant that now I've ended up getting Heartgold off HMV.

I know I won't go on the game till next week though. After getting silver I did have a clear idea as to what team I'd have for gold (if I got it then) but now it's completely out of my head. All I remember is Cyndaquil, Caterpie and Gastly. I'll have to arrange it all in my head closer to the time. I can't be arsed now really. I see and then think of it more to an insane degree.

Yesterday wasn't too eventful. Watched Who again, mum let me order some HMV stuffs and I found some Death trooper stuffs (zombie stormtroopers=epic win).

We went to the cemetary too. Don't expect me to be around on Sunday. I won't be.

Bullet are doing a tour in December! Woo! I hate how far away it is. I'm so going to Birmingham.

Went to Walsall today with mum to physio. Got two Lego figs from Smiths, though I had a fail cause I got two the same even though I had the codes! D'oh! Still Mikey's gonna get the one robot.

Then we went in the sci-fi shop, just to look really. I basically went in to look and get card wallets. However, mum (scarily) found the Bullet wallet there too! So I had that too. We went in The Works after that and I got some comic pack things cause they had Star Wars ones.

After mum's physio we had a wande r around. I got fizzy vimto (curse ye Snoz!) and bean wraps. Got a few cheap annuals from Asda and the Sherlock Holmes dvd (not the film one, the one with Ianto in). Also did get the other Lego fig I wanted so, yayness!

Came back and took some pics, so here they are.

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I may write later, but I've 0 inspiration for the fic I'm meant to be doing. Ugh.
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