May 22nd, 2010

Jay Cock!

Rio doesn't have a big mining thing

Happy birthday asphyxiatide! Fic soon I hope.

Yesterday wasn't terribly exciting day wise, however, the night was good. Finally watched Glee. It was good, although Kurt as a redenck kissing girls is so wrong. And I wished that Rachel kept her voice gone.

Also ended up watching some old school Doctor Who. Mum wanted something on, so I bought a few dvds down and we settled on watching Genesis Of The Daleks. I can see why so many people like it. Davros is totally insane. Completely. And of course, the Daleks ended up betraying him. Again. (Ok so it's the first time, but it seems to happen a lot.) Maybe the Doctor has a point though about something good coming from the Daleks, though it's not been seen in the new series yet.

Went to see nan today. Fuck it's so hot outside. And mad hot at nan's, but thankfully there's a fan there now.

Next new Who episode was just on. I liked it, I thought it was great, though since it's a two parter I really want part 2 now. There's Welshies in it though! And the Welsh kid in it is awesome and smart. The Doctor's glasses are so cool. The Silurian city looks so pretty too. I do hope they end up having peace in part 2, though it's doubtful.

It's an insult how there's no thing with Lostprophets from this radio 1 big weekend, but there is with fucking Bieber.

Picture times now, then off I go to do... whatever it is I do.

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