May 20th, 2010

Brian Cox Light

I'm an open book, so come and take a look

The Star Wars figures Saur sent for are both here. Holo Sidious is awesome (I've always loved the chair) and the Jawa and Treadwell droid=cool awesomeness! Thankie saur.

Been to Cannock today and got a few things. Got a Pingu dvd (shut up he's awesome), a Hawthorne Heights dvd (oddly in the pound shop so I yoinked it), a book on mysteries, Torchwood magazine and Total Guitar (not looked in that one yet sadly, though will soon cause Padge=hot). Also got three Lego figures from the packs they're doing I was aiming for the zombie, robot and ninja. I managed to get the ninja, skateboarder (who's kinda pretty and has a skull tee) and a spaceman (with a cool raygun thing). A spent about 5 minutes trying to feel through the packets futiley. I've got a thing with the codes now though, so the zombie and robot will be mine Monday! If they're in Walsall.

I'v been writing a bit. I should have it finished tonight, hopefully.

My cousins been here today. Not annoying rally. He was restarting Pokemon so I got to nick a load of his Pokemon (and Master balls, so now I have Entei and Latios). I know have my own Marshtomp and Ivysaur from eggs too.

Still gotta do more training.

10 guys that I to bend me over and bone me like.
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