May 17th, 2010

Jay Cock!

I just look at your life now and work backwards

So today has essentially been... eh.

I asked mum to get me a Sonisphere ticket. After some talking, she agreed... only then I found out I essentially can't go. Naturally this lead me to become moody and eh. I pondered going alone, but let's face it, I don't have a tent, I'm hopeless at sorting it out and I'd be useless alone. So yeah, that fucking sucks.

Mum did say I'd only have to pay half of the money for it back though, so maybe I could figure out something else I'd want that I could convince her to get. Have to look tomorrow, although the sci-fi shop has been useless (maybe Tesco will have something ok). Retail therapy always helps. Maybe I could get a ticket to see We Are The Ocean instead too?

Meh I dunno.

We spent the day watching the last Clone Wars disc. Mum seemed to like it, even wanting more when it finished. Wish I had season 2 now.

The net's been real fucking shit again. I wanna kill it.

Wish I had inspiration to write something to distract me. I did manage to beat Gary on Pokemon though. Woo.

Comment if you'd like a color.
Then list ten things that you like/love which are that colour.

antontobias86 gave me blue.

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Operation speedy resoultion

So apparently I'm not allowed to feel angry, frustrated or pissed off about losing out on Sonisphere. I'm also not allowed to deal with it in my own way. Can't bottle it up, can't stay away and deal with it on my own. And, because of that, I've ended up more angry, more frustrated. I don't want to talk about it, or be guilt tripped because I'm obviously angry about it all.

So I'll deal with it the sole way I have left.

Today's been ok. Tiring.

JC was ok, apart from seeing a dead bird on the way to the bus.

Went to Walsall with mum for her physio. It was ok. Got new phones cause the ones we have are shit. I'll set them up later.

We had dinner at pizza hut, but it wasn't that special. The pizza seemed off somehow and didn't taste as good as I remembered.

Got two nice, random t-shirts. One blue and sparkly, one wite with dinos/robots/dragons and mad shit.

Went into Waterstones too, which was kinda surprising. At the bottom of the manga spinner there's now a little yaoi section. It's tiny, but it's something I never thought I'd see. Of course I got one. It's called Treasure and it's about gay pirates ((one of which is called Patrick). I had to ask about the price though, since it only had the $ price on the back oddly. There was also a cool looking Bleach managa thing that was all shiny. I didn't get, but then again there was a few of that one there.

Back now and tired, so I'm probably just gonna watch tonight's stuff then crash in bed.
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