May 16th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Ask me what happens if you die in reality?

Another slow day today.

Watched Clone Wars with mum, got Doctor Who stickers and I asked if she knew who any of Bullet were. Naturally she didn't so I informed her (using the Kerrang poster), then I asked if she could guess my favourite. She guessed wrong. She thought it'd be Matt! Bah!

I've hated the connection today, it's been shit.

Watched Doctor Who today. I have to say it's the best one of this series so far (even better then the Dalek one). I honestly didn't think it would be great from the synopsis I'd read beforehand, but it was real good. OAP aliens are amusing and slightly creepy (if they have grandkids I expect they'll hide from them now!). I half expected the dream lord to be the Master though.

Really looking forward to next week's ep though. For one, it's set in a village in Wales so Welshies are expected. Two it's got these really cool reptile aliens (the Silurians for any old Who fans, who are a race I've always thought seemed cool even though I've not seen any of the eps with them).

Pondering signing up for thingama_bob but I'm unsure yet.

I started ficcing something, though I'm not sure I like the idea now.

Finally watched The Human Centipede tonight (cause the download I meant to watch seemed to have fucked up). Anyone that wants to watch it I suggest you download it rather then see it. First off, the main chicks are annoying. Painfully. Their voices grated on me and their acting was terrible (although, that could just be them). After just 3 minutes of them I wanted to kill them. Second, it didn't help that the surgeon's accent was German and he mumbled so I couldn't make out some of what he was saying. Also annoying is that when he was describing the surgery, they weren't gagged so you couldn't hear most of what he was saying. Ugh.

The idea, though, is interesting. Gotta give em credit for that. I'm hoping the second one will be better, although I'd probably just download that one too.
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