May 15th, 2010

Bert Smoking

He got pushed in a canal by a gorilla

Not done terribly much since the last post.

Watched the repeat of Glee last night, since I missed it on Monday. I love Kurt. I want him to get it on with the asian guy (I really do need to find out his name). And I love how Sue is with her sister.

Finished fic last night, not felt like doing any today. Might be cause I've felt drained after going to nan's. Ugh it's so tiring.

There's cute ickle baby moorhen's at the pond and they basically look like ickle fuzzballs of cute.

Finally got the Madina code, so got all of the live stuff on here now. Woop! I listened to them a bit and they made me smile, though the cd makes fucked up and made Adalia two tracks instead of one.

Is every band having someone doing solo stuff? Gavin, Ian, Charlie... it's odd.

BMTH and Bullet are touring Oz. I'm expecting sexytimes. I want to see any member of Bullet kiss a guy. Maybe the best may to do that would be to get The Blackout with them.

Must get Total Guitar.

Watched Who tonight again. It was better second viewing, though I want it to be the next two-parter already!

All Uk people sign this. It's calling for the resignation of the new equality minister who's a homophobic bitch. Proves the goverment is going to shit.

I'm gonna try and watch Human Centipede tonight.

Tomorrow I'm gonna use the poster downstairs to educate mum about Bullet. Let's see if she knows who is my favourite.
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