May 8th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Don't you know about the bird? Everyone knows that the bird is the word?

LJ's been odd lately. Not as bad as the net.

UK politics is stupid really. And, as a nation, we cant even do an election right. I mean what kind of polling station doesn't have enough ballots? Ugh.

I did a fic yesterday I totally blame the alternative election night on. Dunno if Rhod and Brian met, but they should've.

Adam Lambert was on Jonathan Ross last night and I watched it just to perv on him. Nom.

Doctor Who tonight was... I dunno. I think I have to watch it again to have an opinion. I think it was a good idea, but ended up being iffy.

Tonight's the first of two Family Guy nights. Yay!

There's an extra foal now. There's four now! They're so adorable.

Watched some CLone Wars with mum the other day. She seemed to like it. And she rememebers stuff which is kinda odd and scary.

As for me I've not been doing anything terribly exciting. Not looking forward to Monday's stupid JC, although it is my only thing next week.

I may fic soon or tonight. I dunno which of the two I have open yet.

From x_monroeville_x

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