May 6th, 2010

Jay Hawk toplessness

Selection Process

Selection Process
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Prompt: 37: Shaving
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, brief pony play
Notes: So I blame Jay's new hair for this totally. The original idea for this was to be used for Jared when he got his mohawk, but I never did it so... here it is. Even though there ended up not being much emphasise on the pony play side. I dunno why I paired him with Ian really.
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Padge Pretty

One vote can make all the difference

So today is voting day in the UK and everyone should go out and vote anytime between now and 10 when the polls close.

Unlike down at Mikey's, we've had next to no flyers. Seriously, we've only had 2. There's six candidates here so that's pretty bad. They are: the three main ones (Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems), an independant and UKIP and the BNP. I'd much rather spend a whole day in the dentist chair then vote for either of the last two. (The BNP, for non-Uk people are rascist, homophobic assholes who like to beat people up who disagree with them.)

So, since I've no idea what the independant guy stands for, it's between the three main parties. Only not really.

I'm not voting Conservative. Why? Well, for one Cameron's a posh twat. For two his idea of saving the country is basically hacking off a limb to save the body. Also, they want to fuck up cancer treatment. Since my grandad died of this, this isn't something I want for anyone. Then they want to mess up funding for caring for the elderly, which would directly effect my nan. So yeah, I'm not voting for them.

So basically it's between Labour and Lib Dems. Problem is the latter seem a little... vague in the areas important to me. So, my vote's likely with Labour, because it's less vague.

We'll be voting later, when mum's back from physio, cause I'm unsure where we've gotta vote and mum might be unsteady.

Non-political things now.

Mum has Bargain Hunt on and it just played the bird song from Family Guy. Ha!

Adam Lambert's on Jonathan Ross tomorrow night. I'm so watching that and hoping he handles a sex toy.

Finished fic last night, probably won't start the next till tomorrow.

Net's been sucky lately at night and seems to like dying. Fucking thing.

Off now to go do the last of the shopping, so I should be back in a few hours and then I'll watch Bullet interviews I have up.

Quick edit:

I've decided I like Jay's hair now. I still prefer the long hair though.

There's more foals! Now there's three! They're so cute, but still too far for pics.

We Are The Ocean are doing a tour and I kinda wanna go. It's on the day before my birthday so maybe that's a reason too.

Mum seemed to lick the Clone Wars, so we'll be watching the series soon.

I know I had something else to edit in, but I've gone and forgot again. Bah.
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