May 5th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Experience outranks everything

Back from the dentists. Ugh I hate dentists. Their tools are so fucking noisy. By tools I mean torture implements. Bah. My upper lip and my nose is all numb and I can't talk right. Worse, I have to go back in two weeks. Oh joy.

We had Dominos last night. Dunno why mum wanted it, but she did so... yay. Also did an online Tesco shop which is coming tonight, so I've got less to get when I go to Cannock.

Watched Vampire Diaries last night. Guh Damon's so hot. And yeah, I pretty much watch it for him.

I got Kerrang today, which isn't too great, There's a review of the Bullet gig with a few more pictures and a poster of the Madina twins (who look nom so...). Next week's will be better, by virtue of there being a massive Bullet poster. Fuck yeah! It's one from the shoot they did. Although a new pic from the shoot woulda been nice, a big Bullet poster's always good.

Also got stickers, gonna put them in soon.

Started fic yesterday. It was an idea originally for Jared, but with Jay's new hair it's been changed. Might finish it tonight.

Watching the Clone Wars film now, since I didn't watch anything Star Warsy yesterday. And mum's not seen it so... Yay for the bunny bot! I love those things. I wish there was a figure already.

Questions for peeps with tattoos. Does it hurt more getting it done on the inside of the wrists? Also is it more to have the coloured ink then just black?

Facebook games and stickers now. Fic later.

Edit: Anyone know how to download Myspace vids? Everything I've tried doesn't work.
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