May 4th, 2010

Jay Cock!

May the fourth be with you

It's Star Wars day today, woo! I feel I should do something for it, but since I feel too achy from the trip to dumb JC, I'll just post pics of the new rancor (more later this week maybe, when the weather's better). I may watch Clone Wars later, just cause.

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Isn't it awesome?

As I said, there'll be more pics soon (cause it's bigger then Danny's head which is amusing).

Last night's Glee was amusing. I love Kurt, the creepy-cute stalker. I'm so glad he got a main role in the episode, getting his dad and Finn's mum together. I hope he ends up with Finn really, I know he gets a boyfriend soon.

Started fic last night, but the net being annoying meant I didn't do too much. Shall do more today.

Went to Cannock today which seemed pointless causa dumb JC. But I saw some cheap things to get on Thursday. Got a Torchwood book (which would've been £14.99) for 49p, so that's pretty cool.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, causa the dentist. Ugh. Dentists suck and it's so late! I'll probaably just come back, flop down and watch some sort of dvd.

Off now to do fic and... I dunno what else really.
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