May 3rd, 2010

Jay Cock!

Annoying sites are annoying

Random post, just cause.
*Heroes was good. Though Sylar being good? Wonder how long that'll last
*Got Doctor Who stickers yesterday. Just three packets so far. Shall get more soon.
*Saw a cute ickle foal! It's so tiny!
*Watched a few things last night. Who (caused I missed the first 2 mins or whatever), something about the volcano, Desperate Housewives and The Vampire Diaries
*Finished fic last night so read! May do another soon

Today's been like yesterday, in that I didn't get out of bed till late and I've not done much. I went to see nan and she's ok. I was gonna try and get a pic of the foal, but it was in the far field too far away to get a shot of.

Tesco online's been annoying. They sent us a voucher thing and it won't accept the code for some reason. Ugh.

Another annoying code is the one for the Madina cd, cause the code's for something different. It's not an isolated incident either (a lot of the fans on the site have it). Ugh.

There's a Clone Wars season 3 trailer which is pretty awesome. Ziro! Kamino! Yay!

Not got much planned for tonight, apart from watching Flashforward/Glee/The Cleaveland Show.

Bullet's album is number 5 in the album charts. Yay!

Now a link to a manip Mikeysaur did which he said he'd unlock for a bit so... go look.

That's all really.
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