May 1st, 2010

Jay Cock!

Safe and sound

So I'm back home now, tired and ugh.

Watched the last of Bleach last night. It's interesting and damnit why does it have to end at odd places? Gin and Hollow!Ichigo are hot.

Listened to Bullet's thing too which was the audio to most of the myspace show.

Today's been so... same as always with the travel. Tiring basically. Damn thing. Got a few bits from Tesco, then got on the train, then coach, then went to Oasis and got the rancor then home.

On the coach I did see two interesting things: a Sega building with the logo one side and Sonic the other which was coool, and a car on fire!

I got the later train, boo, so I figured I'd miss Who. So I walked home quick, but was slow, so a nice lady (that knew mum) helped me by carrying the rancor for a bit. Yay!

Miss saur though. Bah.

Just watched Doctor Who. Missed the first five minutes but I'm watching it tomorrow so...

It's good. Not the best two parter, but it's pretty good. River's now interesting instead of annoying. Hmmm. I love the fiorest on the sip. It's so pretty. Hmmm that crack again. And the angels moved! Why does the Doctor always end up with people that want him? Can't he end up with another Donna?

Not sure bout next week's one yet. The vamps look... off. Probably the teeth.

I'm gonna take a load of pics of the rancor when I can, cause it's pretty and awesome. Still not taken it out of the box yet. But I will t some point.

Soon I'll unpack and may write at some point.
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