April 29th, 2010

Jay Cock!

I can close my eyes why can't I close my ears

Random post mostly.

Didn't do too much yesterday. We went to feed the ducks by Tesco. No ducklings there sadly. Looked through saur's Kerrang. It's not fantastic, but yay for Bullet poster and Padge writing in.

Bullet were on radio 1 last night. It was a bit short, but fairly amusing I guess.

This is the best pic of Jay's hair so far.

Today we finally got round to watching Bleach. We're done pretty good, going through about 10 eps already. Ichigo is still insanely (and amusingly) angry all the time. Uryuu's still pretty. And several of the Soul Reaper's are pretty too.

There was a Bullet live chat too. The connection was better then the Myspace one, but it wasn't the best. Jay had a coffee fixation and Moose seemed obsessed with a plastic fork. Matt was, oddly, quiet. I thing it wasn't a great idea to do a chat now though. They're bound to be jetlagged and stuff from just arriving in America, so naturally it was a bit... subdued and stuff.

Saw a bit of the election debate thing. It was kinda annoying and I just wanted to slap Cameron. I'll likely vote Labour, mostly cause the conservatives are stupid, shortsighted and just, ugh.

Watched Russell's show. It was odd seeing what we saw live on tv. But it was amusing too. Glad the mystery guest was on. So did it. RUssell being a schoolboy, groping himself and oaning is all hot.
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