April 28th, 2010

Jay Cock!

When did you first realise you could stack animals?

Sunday we watched How To Train Your Dragon, which was good. Can I has a toothless? Or one of the ickle ones? They're so cute!

Yesterday was sucky.

We were meant to go to the Bullet thing, but cause every single wristband went in an hour. Obviously I didn't think they'd go that fast, certainly not the hundreds there were meant to be.

Naturally that put a downer on the whole day. We did, however, end up doing stuff. First we went back to bed. Then we went up the town. Mikey got me the paper and a Rabbid. Then we went to see the ducks. There were lots of squirrels about being all cute. And there was ducklings! Only 6, but ducklings nonetheless.

The rest of the night was spent... not doing much. Watched a bit of the gig, but the Myspace stream was shitty so I didn't watch much (and causa the shit link I kept it muted mostly. Jay has a mohawk. I don't know how I feel about this (I need clear pics damnit!). He probably got drunk and one of the others did it to him. (Although I'm pondering modifying a fic idea I had for Jared for him...)

We watched Flashforward, which was good as usual. Glad Demetri's alive. Yay! Then watched Glee. It was the Madonna one, which was amusing. Mostly cause Sue sang. And Kurt's a cheerleader now.

Today was better.

We went to London for the filming of Russell Howard's Good News. Unlike yesterday, this went smoothly. The place was easy to get to (sign posts galour!) and we had Mcdonalds and stuff. We passed the Appollo and yayed at it having massive Rhod posters up (which, sadly were gone later). We had to wait for ages in a tunnel though, so I just had Fever on and went on Pokemon a bit.

Oddly, Rock Sound was out in Smiths a day early so I got it. Mag isn't great, but poster things are.


When we, finally, got in it was pretty simple. We sat down and waited, then a warm-up guy came on, who was pretty amusing. Then Russell came on and did the show, which was as funny as ever. He mentioned sheep pigs! You probably won't see me or Mikey cause we were up too high and at the end though. Still, it was funny and certainly an experience. I hope they put the mystery guest on the show, cause he was awesome. Russell was clearly impressed (and probably got a boner from him, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it).

So yeah, back home now. With Krispy Kreme donuts.

Gonna head up in a few. Sent an e-mail to the people at Oasis that had the Rancor so hope to get a reply soon. Tomorrow we're gonna see more ducks and that's about it.

Teeny edit: Anyone got Artwork handy? What's The Used's discount code? (It's at home so I don't have it to hand right now...)
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