April 24th, 2010

Moose Pretty

This is a time machine, not a prom limo

Did pretty much fuck all yesterday. In fact I can't recall doing anything apart from messing with icons on photoshop. Which took hours cause it was a picture backlog since the last time I had a working mouse (literally hours I didn't finish till like 4).

We watched Bleach at last, but only the first two eps. Hope to watch more later or tomorrow.

There's baby fish outside and they're all cute and ickle.

Zero=terror. Mikey's own words! He seems to like making sand wet. (is there a technical word for wet sand? I dunno.) He seems to like mixing sand and water and just... covering everything with it. It's quite a skill really.

I think wiggler's dead. I dunno where he is.

Fever came today. Woo! I've spent most of the day listening to it on random (but since I was out it's mostly been half-listening). Of course, I love it. I think I like Pretty On The Outside the most, but I pretty much love them all.

Today we went to Tunbridge Wells again. It was a pretty good day. I got mum a dvd and got myself one, got three cheap pc games, got the first Doctor Who audio book (fuck the Telegraph is big), a Doctor Who special thing and two cuddly Pokemon. An ickle Butterfree and a Bulbasaur (it was amusing cause the guy called his bulb a cabbage, hee).

So yeah, good day out.

Then there was Who, which I'm undecided about. River annoys me, she really does. Ugh. However the angels were good and scary (although the confidential kinda dulls the fear having them do the macarena). Although the angel coming out the tv was very much like The Ring (something me and Mikey thought). Don't get why church guys would be after them though (nor why they'd have fucking guns, ugh). I'm curious about the next part though.

Mikey's sad for no reason so that makes me sad. Damn depression. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Gonna sort hair, then... watch stuff and... I dunno.
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