April 22nd, 2010

Jay Cock!

I'm not leaving them with you!

So yesterday was pretty good, you know, bar the headache and dizzyness that came back to me in Tesco. Bah.

Chips was mean yesterday and scary. I didn't like it at all.

Got Kerrang, which pretty much improved my mood. Why? Because of this. I was worried it'd be all Matt (as so much has been lately) so I was so fucking happy about that. Ok, yes I've not read it all, mostly cause the picture's are so distracting. (And yes, I so believe that Jay would win the fight and yes it lead to dreams last night.) Also the last page I can use as aposter (cause the page behind it is just ads) and next week's issue has one too! Sadly it's not from the same shoot though. I hope there'll be more pics from it soon.

Went to Tunbridge Wells, though we went late so we weren't able to go round the town, boo). We went there to see Rhod Gilbert (who's an angry Welsh comedian for those that don't know). It was the first time I'd seen him live. He's really funny and rants a lot.

We got to meet him after the show , but there was some confusion as to where he'd be so we were last in the line However we were the only ones of the 30+ people in the line to bring the dvd to get signed, which made him happy.

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We went to see sheep today and they had cute ickle lambs! Yay!

We've got From First To Last's album playing now. I'm not heard it properly till now.

Speaking of albums, Fever is on it's way so should be here soon! Then my patience and resisting will be rewarded.

Also Kylie's album looks pretty.

Edited last post a bit, cause it was pointless.

What else? Well, we're gonna try and watch Bleach tonight (and I'll finally sort icons though I've said that loads). Tomorrow we might be heading up the town, though I'm not sure yet. Saturday we should be seeing How To Train Your Dragon and going to Tunbridge Wells. I'm gonna try and get the Bullet single if we go (and get the Telegraph for the Who cd).

Failed to write today, though not been in the mood. Might tomorrow or something. Same with icon making.
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