April 19th, 2010

Padge Wet

Extinction is not an option

Not done much yesterday, just a bit of gardening. Found a caterpillar friend, called him Wiggly. Watched Who again, cause mum missed it. Watched more Death Note too. Only two eps left! Boo!

Not done too much today. Went to Cannock, got annoyed at JC and got the last Radio Times Dalek cover.

Mum's ok. Just shook up a bit. She's taking a few times off to recover properly and rest.

Can we kill the go compare advert guy? Please.

One week till Fever! (Unless you preordered it, then it might come earlier.) We might head to the London 'secret' show then. Must. Steal. Jay.

Speaking of Bullet, they're on radio 1 tonight (which I hope is they and not just Matt. Matt is not Bullet. If you just have Matt on say 'Matt from Bullet For My Valentine' not Bullet For My Valentine.)

New Glee tonight, yay! Got Pepsi to drink while I watch. Woop! Also gonna finish Death Note. Woo!

Tomorrow, going to Mikey's for the week. Wednesday is Rhod and next week is Bullet and Russell. I might be taking the laptop, but I'm not sure.

Gonna finish fic now, cause it's about half done.
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