April 17th, 2010

Jay Cock!


Still doing the Death Note run. Now up to episode 26. I find it odd how the music and titles have just changed randomly. And the titles amuse me. Poor L though.

Everything's still grounded, which doesn't seem to bode well. Though the sky was clear today and I've seen fuck all.

Finally started writing something, though it's only two lines so far and there's no real clear idea yet. Ah well.

Next week's gonna be busy. Lotsa travel.

Just watched Doctor Who (well, an hour ago). It was good and yay, the Daleks are back! And brighter then ever. Although it was amusing to hear a Dalek ask if anyone would 'care for some tea?' It was just so amusing and creepy at the same time. Mostly because, despite being oversized pepperpots with plungers and whisks, Daleks are scary.

Next week's has the angels (yay!) and River (boo).

Mum and my uncle have been in a car accident. Mum's hurt her head, but mostly seems ok. I guess I'll know more when she gets back. I just had a call from her again and she seems mostly ok, just shaky.
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