April 14th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Humans are so interesting

Yesterday we went to the garden center. Twas good. Seen some pretty fish (ghost catfish are awesome) and they had this massive tank thing with geckos and chameleons in. So cute. Got a few plants to try and plant tomorrow or something too.

We had Dominos last night. Nomnom.

Today we went to Birmingham. It was ok. Got Radio Times (with the blue Dalek on the cover) and Kerrang (kudos to them for doing two big posters, I just hope they do a Bullet one). Also, after a lot of wandering around, got some of the new minis. It was a pretty good box, two big ones and a super-rare. Also got a QI book. No where has the Lostprophets single though. Fail.

It's likely I'll be going back very soon though. Oasis had a new bit with Star Wars stuff (and, oddly a retro games bit that even had nes ones). They had a Felucian battle rancor! For £40! So I'm so gonna try and get that. When I head abck home from Mikey's I'll check if it's still there and if it is, well, the following week I'll buy that bad boy. It's so pretty and made of awesome!

Onto other things:
*I've beaten Gary, so all the gyms are beaten (I don't like calling him Blue).
*I've skimmed Kerrang and it's ok. Damn Matt being on the back page though
*Speaking of Matt (but a better one), Matt Nicholls from Bring Me The Horizon is awesome. I wanna live in his house. He's a geek with money!
*The next ep of Doctor Who is gonna be awesome
*Next few days are gonna be slow ones, so I might try and write something
*Gonna watch more Death Note, may at last finish the series

Edit: Adorableness

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