April 13th, 2010

Jay Gagged?

It's ocean madness alright

So, since the last posted we finished watching the first series of Bleach (Gah why end on such an infuriating place?) and started watching Death Note. Other then that, I've been on Pokemon, beating 6 gyms and other stuff. Like getting Suicune and seeing the Clefairy dance! Apart from that I've been boring, mostly causa my dumbass headaches.

So, last night the Your Betrayal vid got posted. Naturally it was while I was focussing on other things (either Flashforward, which is awesome or Cleaveland show which is less so) so I missed it. When I went to watch it the video didn't work anymore.

This morning it's up again and it works, so now I've seen it.

And here's the main reason for the post, ranting about it. Now I love the song, but I don't go so much on the video. There's too much focus on weird annoying chicks. Then, of course, there's the usual Tuck-centricness. Seriously, it's kinda getting annoying now. There was almost no clear shots of any of the others. Now, I know that Matt's the vocalist, so yeah he's naturally getting the focus. But the thing that annoys me most is that Jay does the fucking screaming. He does pretty much all of it and yet what happens during Jay's screams? The camera's on Matt. And not just matt, Matt with his mouth open as if those screams are his.


It infuriates me so much.

Stupid fucking Matt.

We're gonna go to the garden center now, then we should be going to Birmingham tomorrow which should be good. I plan on getting Kerrang and a QI book from the Works and something Star Warsy.

And I will sort out icons tonight, just so I've done it.
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