April 9th, 2010

Jay BJ lips and pit

... ... ... Yawn?

Not much happened since last post. Most nights have been spent watching something first The Ring films, then Bleach. Ichigo and arrow boy should get it on (and yes I should learn arrow boy's name but...).

Nylon magazine seems to, stupidly, thing Bob's in MCR, which makes me sad.

Today we went to Cannock, which was ok. I got Quarantine, a Clone Wars egg and random Stargate dvd. Oh, and magazines.

Kerrang's not too special, apart from the obvious (giving Fever 5 K's which makes me smiley inside). Next weeks has BMTH though.

I've been ficcing for ages so I'm almost finished. Should be posted soon.

Bullet did a live webchat, which was a bit faily (ok, bit is an understatement since it kept dying an insane amount). Moose and Jay had matching hats (which is bad, since no one likes those damn things) and Matt hogged the mic. Padge apparently thinks he's a werewolf. They've also put the amusing image in my head of Jay and Padge fighting. It was amusing that Moose plays Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman.

Moose was amusing. They made a special announcement (about a mysopace secret show) but instead he said Jay had sex with him and he was pregnant. That image is amusing to me! Both as Moose obviously being the top and him being big and round and glowy.

Ah well, back to Pokemon and ficcing.
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