April 4th, 2010

Jay Cock!

These are strange days

Bullet post, just cause:
*Been on Pokemon, trained Dratini up to Dragonair, fought Kimono girls. Gonna try and get Lugia with Mikey's guide's help at some point. Later or tomorrow. Hope to get to the Elite Four and Kanto soon.
*There's a new Clone Wars trailer for the season finale. Boba! Aurra! Bossk! Slave 1! I want like woah!
*Mum's back. It's amusing she had dinner in a gay bar. Heheh
*Pondering fic and switching icons. So far I've done neither
*Watched Pan's Labyrinth last night. Dind't think too much of it
*Also watched Heroes. Nom Sylar toplesss
*Gonna see nan tomorrow and watch Monsters Vs Aliens there
*Gonna post Star Wars pics tomorrow
*Other stuff this week: gonna go to the garden center and to Cannock, might see Clash of The Titans

Also, Happy Zombie jebus day everyone!
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