April 1st, 2010

Jay Cock!

A stiff north-easterly breeze

Yesterday went as expected, which is to say ok. Most of the car trip was spent on Pokemon.

Today we went to the gig. It was near Forbidden Planet so we had a quick look in. We had Mcdonalds, nom and then went to the venue. There wasn't much of a queue so we were in pretty quick, but we ended up having to wait through ages of 80's music before they came on. They were pretty good. Joel's real pretty and Aled's kinda trying to be Sean methinks.

Kerrang this week is ok. Best bit is Bullet's interview (which I've not fully read). The picture's good and Jay actually says something! Woo!

Also, hate Americans getting a special Fever thing. Damn them!

In Pokemon, I'm at Rocket's takeover of Goldenrod. My team's mostly the same, though I have Ampharos, Slowking and Feraligator now.

Here's some pics from the Madina gig. You can see the red things they have on.

The Large Hadron Collider has been activated. I wonder what they'll find out. And no, there'll be no black holes.

Tomorrow's heading home, which'll be ugh but I'll go on mon some more. And watch Glee when I get back.

Looking forward to Friday and Saturday.
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