March 30th, 2010

Leonecest Laying and sitting

We're all part of a family

So there's been no post from me since early Saturday, mostly cause not a lot's happened.

Went too nan's on Sat, but didn't stay long cause Danny cried. Then I came back, watched and went on Pokemon and... not much else.

Sunday was mostly dull too, though Wonders Of The Solar System was good. Brian shouldn't be allowed to wear v-necks, cause I stared and didn't pay attention. However, he did quote Star Wars which made me eee inside!

I'm now past the fourth Pokemon gym. My current team is: Raticate, Slowpoke, Croconaw, Flaffy, Vulpix and Venonat. I might've got further, but power failed.

Also learned that the Boba Fett Clone Wars thing is gonna be three eps... and he's gonna get bounty hunters together (Cad Bane, Bossk and Aurra!) to avenge his father. It's gonna be good.

Mum managed to convince my uncle to sort the cd set out for me, so... yay!

Today's been pretty good. This is due to gig going my first in what feels like ages. I only looked in shops, making mental notes of what to get. The sole exception was a bobble head I got cheap cause it was out the box, woo! I want the ickle Jawa and treadwell droid. And Sidious holo.

I ended up outside the venue foor two hours. Someone saw me on Pokemon and said I was cool, yay! Then it rained and the dreaded red light appeared so I just sat there with music on.

As always, I felt better once I was inside. I got a t-shirt, bag set and We Are The Ocean ep. I hope the tee fits me cause they only had smalls. It's got the symbol on though. I love that symbol for some reason. I wish I'd had enough for the hoodie cause it matches the cd thing. Ah well.

The first band were Hill Valley High (I think...) and they sounded pretty good. They were already playing when I got in so I missed some of their stuff.

Band two were Mayday Parade. I wish I'd heard more of their stuff beforehand cause I feel I wouda appreciated them better then. They sounded good though and had pretties.

Third was We Are The Ocean. The sound wasn't the best to start with on the screamer vocalists mic (and, like Oli, he has a hard to understand speaking voice). Still, they were awesome. And they played Confessions! Woo!

Lastly were Madina Lake. They had the same lighting setup as at Papa Roach so... taking pictures woulda been tricky. Not that getting pictures of Matthew is easy anyway, since he zips around like Sonic the hedgehog anyway. Anyway. Dan, Mateo and Matthew came on first, all dressed in white. Matthew and Mateo (at least) had the symbol on arm patches. They also had this odd... thing on their arms. Like one of those red LED things, only it was solid (Nathan had one too but tossed his aside). I really wonder what they are. Matthew looks odd not being blonde. Real odd. Then, after a little intro, Nathan comess on. Wearing black. Sigh.

So the show was pretty much typical Madina Lake. If you've not seen them before then I'll explain. It's all down to energy and they've got tons of it (cept Dan, though it'd be hard to run about with a drum kit). They're always bouncing and moving and just... crazy. They're great performers though, certainly one of the best live bands I've seen.

They released their confetti balloons half-way through. One instantly got stuck between the ceiling and a beam. Nathan kicked one and it went pretty far... after kicking one that just bounced back. They lasted about three songs though, which is longer then they do mostly. I got the remains of two of them, just cause.

I was sure Matthew leaned over the kit and kissed Dan's forehead, though I'm not sure. Also, when Nathan dived into the crowd someone groped his cock. He was really pleased when he found out that person was a guy. And he kept showing his hips. Tease.

Sadly they didn't play River People (one of my fav songs, though I guess it's cause it's slowish) though they did play Stars, Pandora, House Of Cards, Never Take Us Alive and other good stuff.

Towards the end Nathan announced that he'd stopped taking anti-depressents, which made me smile. He's gone two months without them, which is real awesome!

So yeah, great show.

I got the cd on the way out and it's so pretty. I'll have to upload it to this comp at ome point (though it's annoying slightly that you have to download and burn the last disc). I also don't get how they stretched one show over three discs, but I guess I'll find out when I listen.

I went round the back after it, though met no one so came home. Damn replacement bus service.

I'm gonna go now to get someting to eat.

It''s likely I won't be on properly again for a few days, being the next few=crazy. Mikey won tiickets to a Kids In Glass Houses thing so he's coming tomorrow, dropping stuff off then I'm going back with him (as opposed to the train, coach, train, train journey I'd have to make). Then Wednesday is the gig, then Thursday we'd come back (train, train, ccoach, train) and Friday will be seeing Star Wars in concert. And stealing the Kit Fisto costume.

The of course Saturday's Doctor Who. WOOO!

Off to put in some eatings then... I dunno. I might upload icons and try and see if I have any Madina ones with the symbol.

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