March 27th, 2010

Grievous Bite my shiny metal ass

You're the respectable one remember?

Today's been mostly eh. Thank you mum for that.

I missed Adam Lambert being on tv which was the second eh of the day (the first being moaned at to wake).

Damn Madina Lake doing a special 3cd thingy that's all signed and stuff (here's a link). I really want it but I don't have the money to get it so I could collect it at the gig. I guess I can hope for them to be either a: selling them at the gig or b: that they don't sell out mega fast. Bah. Or, the unlike c I get mum to change her mind and get them for me. That's unlikely.

I'm on Pokemon now to get my mon to 20. I'm around Goldenrod. My team's Vulpix, Croconaw, Flaffy, Rattata, Spearow and Venonat. I'll be doing bug catching at nan's tomorrow (I lack the patience to do it now). I wish this one trainer, Joey, would stop fucking calling me though!

The highlights of today was Russell Howard (him kissing a guy and being in a dress=lvoe and fluffy ducks are always win) and Jonathan Ross. I originally was watching that for Matt Smith (the new Doctor) and it was awesome seeing a bit of the new eps. I am excited for it.

However, what made it awesome was having Professor Brian Cox on. I'm sure most of you have no idea who he is, but he's an astrophysicist who presents Wonders Of The Solar System (and he's also pretty). So he talks about astrophysics (and mentions Europa and life there yay!) and is generally being awesome. They put things in liquid nitrogen and smash them, which is pretty cool too.

However the best bit is when Jonathan gets someone to bring on a model thing of the hadron collider they've made out of... whatever they could get their hands on. One of the decrotative pieces used in it (yeah, it's crazy I know) is a butt plug which catches his eye. First he flicks it, then he rips it from the thing and pockets it, then when he's sitting back down he jsust... takes it out and examines it. I'm not sure if he knows what to make of it, but he seems amused by it. It's amusing cause he's so smart and I'd never have thought i'd see him with one of those.

I've got some caps from the i-player site (while I wait and see if they put the ep for a download so I can do better ones).

Collapse )

Gonna go now cause net's a bitch, so shall sleep after mon.

Lastly, a random q: who from The Used would look hottest as a girl?
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