March 24th, 2010

Jay Cock!

Swish it up a bit!

Kerrang's mostly eh. Seriously, who thinks Parabore's chick is a 21st century idol? Seriously. The highlight of the issue is a new picture of Oli topless (and a Drop Dead comp). Also annoying is the posters. Next week has a Kurt Cobain one when there was already one this week. No living band/artist has ever had that so why should he? Ugh he's annoying. He's been dead so long and they feel the need to constantly do poster specials and shit.

Pokemon hasn't come today so hopefully it will tomorrow.

I started writing something last night, but considered starting over cause it was eh. However, the comp died last night so now I have to anyway.

I may have to get Gay Times soon cause it's got a Doctor who special in.

My arms are so cold. Booo. I'm gonna put something on to cover em after this post.

Again, sure I had something else to say that was random and pointless but...
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