March 23rd, 2010

Darran Perdy

There's a reason why we voted for you

A bullet point post, cause I'm lazy.

*Titan has lakes of methane, how did I not know this?
*Why are there so many films I wanna see out now/soon? (How To Train Your Dragon, I Love You Philip Morris, Kick Ass, Clash Of The Titans)
*This morning was eh
*I had to walk both to and from Cannock. I'm still tired
*Got to JC late, but it's ok since it's a new building
*Mikey's card was odd so Pokemon had to be reordered. I hope it comes soon
*Speaking of Pokemon, I've decided on Totodile, Mareep, Slowpoke and Venonat
*Been on Hotel Dusk a bit, at Chapter 3. Louis and Kyle should sex already
*Glee was sad! Stupid Rachel. Stupid Will's chick
*Anthony from Smosh is so gonna sex up Matt Good
*Dougie and Sean are so funny and have also totally sexed. Their twitters are so fucking funny!
*Nothing else to say, may fic something soonish
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