March 20th, 2010

Charlie Smoking

I'll be in the angry dome!

Someone retweeted this on twitter. It's basically an old article about a vatican statement about priests molesting kids. Do they apologise? Do they fuck. The pope says that they forgive the children for seduciding the piriests. What the actual fuck? So apparently it's not the priests fault but it's the 5 year old kids who are seducing them. This is why I think organised religion is wrong, because they can say shit like this and no one appears to see how fucking wrong it all is.

The world would be so much better without organised religion.


I've edited my interests now so the new ones are in my profile. I might tweek it a bit since I may have missed stuff out.

And yes, I am essentially out of the MCR stuff indefinitely.

I'm finally watching the Fightstar dvd. It's pretty good so far. Makes me thing of the first Panic! dvd in that there's talking bits between the performances. Now it's onto the videos and The English Way is... odd.

I finished fic yesterday, which is goood. I may do a sequel or something.

I meant to start the Star Wars run today, but I woke up late, then had a nap and now it's kinda too late to start it without mum coming in and making me pause it by being annoying.


Flashforward starts Monday, but I won't watch till the Thursday repeat.

Stupid comp going funny.

For Futurama/Star Wars fans, lookiee at the funny!

So I'm gonna go off now and do... whatever it is I do.

As I go though, I leave with a quick q: should I do some quick primer like thing with pictures/explanations of the many bands I right now?

Edit: Ok, that first bit isn't real aparently cause I'm thick.
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