March 19th, 2010

Jeff Angel

The magic wishing room

Pretty random post really, just cause.

Seen nan, she's ok. On the way I saw Rhys being all cute and Rhys-like. Yay!

Finally started Hotel Dusk (I got my own copy of it over a month ago and not been on it till now). I'm only at the start still, but nom Louis and nom Jeff. I may do some form of fic with them at some point I'm gonna go on it randomly and hopefully finish it before mon gets here next week.

Speaking of Pokemon, I have my team roughly planned. I've changed cyndaquil to totodile, since saur wanted quil so... doesn't bother me though.

I found out yesterday Fightstar are gonna be in a film. I wanna see!

I started fic last night finally, so hope to finish that soon. Woo! Gonna go back to it once I've eaten.
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