March 18th, 2010

Jay Cock!

So blind you can't see what's right in front of you

Finished Saw run. May have to rewatch VI soon at some point. I can't wait for VII.

Looks like from the poll I'll be watching Star Wars next. I can't recall the last run I did, so maybe that's a good idea.

Today's been a fairly slow day. Seen nan, which was nice. Got Kerrang, which is pretty shit and next week's is far too vague. Had a curry but it wasn't too nice cause the sauce wasn't the same as the last one. Read up on the new Pokemon games. Watched NCIS... and perved on Tony.

I'm working on re-doing my interests, so expect new ones soon.

Rhod's awesome.

The pre-order on Pokemon's been changed, cause the site's cheaper now. Woo! Thanks saur!

Reading up on Star Wars randomly amuses me. Coruscant was attacked by the Sith (depicted in part in this awesome trailer) and they killed the Supreme Chancellor, bombarded the cityscape and fucking destroyed the Jedi Temple. Millenia later, when General Grievous attacks in Revenge Of The Sith, the most he's done is kidnap Palpatine (and that's on because he's behind the whole thing). He should've destroyed the temple when he had the chance (and the senate too, cause those are the two biggest republic symbols on the planet).

Sigh, I'm rambling.

I may fic soon. I wanna but I dunno what.

No ads, I do not want to see Twishit, not unless it's muted and there's a censorbar over footface's face.

Gonna watch Dead Ringers now then... I dunno.

Lastly, a rant.

Woo for Frank having twins. (Slight sarcasm there, ok more then slight.)

Now, did anyone else actually read the rest of that? Or did they just skim to the omgyaybabies?

For the past month (essentially since Bob has gone/left/been kicked out) they've been working on new stuff. Why? Wasn't the album essentially done before that? The answer's simple and, because of the baby news, it's generally being ignored/overlooked. I think Bob's being essentially purged from the album. If I get the album (this whole thing is making me doubt I will) I'll definitely look to see if Bob gets credited. Ten to one everything he has done will be either redone or gone completely.

This only strengthens my belief he was forced or kicked out. Bah.

At least Bullet's album shall keep being awesome.
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