March 14th, 2010

Jay Yeah man...

Is that a good thing?

The past week, in Bullet points cause tthere's a lot to cover.

*The net went down, at first I thought nothing of it, but by lunchtime I realised it was fully down
*JC was ok, the lady was nice thankfully and friendly so...
*Doctor's went ok. He's given me pills but can't make out anything. He said (completely randomly) that I'd make a good scientist
*Spent my first hour on the phone to Talk Talk. At the end I got given another number, which didn't work

*Spent another hour on the phone to Talk Taalk. The call from Monday hadn't been recorded, so I had to do everything I was told then again. Bah. Found out it was the router, so they sent a new one
*Finally got my Pokemon dvds back

*The lady came to cut Danny's hair (expect pictures at some point)
*Went to get Kerrang, which isn't terribly fantastic but there's a hot Charlie poster and Sean and Gavin are amusing

*Went to use the library's net twice, since the router was slow on coming
*Went shopping, ended up with arms aching, being bitched at by mum and Saw VI
*Preordered Pokemon Silver

*The fire alarm guy came and but in new ones. They're nice and round.
*Our anniversary, which seems odd to me. Real odd. Good odd, but still...

*Net came but cause it came later then the normal post I feared it wasn't going to come.
*Saw the new Bullet vid and new nommy pics
*Seen nan, who was ok
*Caught up with everything, though twitter was a pain
*Finished fic
*Managed, finally, to watch on of the many Gilmore Girls eps I missed

Today, I slept till 2, watched cute bundles of fluff and... that's about it so far.

I'm gonna watch The Simpsons, decide on new icons, maybe finish fic, try and watch a few more Gilmore Girls eps and watch more space stuff.
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